Seventh Sunday after Pentecost 2017

Here are the readings and songs for the Seventh Sunday after Pentecost – July 23, 2017

Act of Praise:    Psalm 139   –   UMH #854
First Scripture:    Romans 8:12-25   –   Page 1757

Prayer of Confession

Dear God, how easy it is for me to distinguish myself from “them.” Forgive me for the times I believe I am better than others. Forgive me for the times I put my ways on a pedestal to the neglect of others. Forgive me for the times I avert my gaze so I won’t have to look at their condition. Forgive me for the times I wished they would all go away and live somewhere else. Forgive me for the times I feel no discomfort in judging others before I even know them. Forgive me for the ease with which I label people “them” and “other”. We know that through Jesus Christ we have redemption. God hears. God cares. God forgives. In the name of Jesus Christ, forgive us now. Amen.

Song of Praise:     Spirit of the Living God   –   UMH #393
Second Scripture Lesson:     Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43   –   Page 1518
Sermon Title:     “The Apostle’s Tale: Groaning”
Closing Song:     Come Sunday   –   UMH #728

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