Study and Fellowship

Study of the Word of God is as important as worship in our church. We are a small church, but we try our best to get together to offer ongoing opportunities for study. We also encourage all members to study on their own as well.

Youth (ages 5-12) Sunday School
Every Sunday during regular Worship at about 10:30 AM (Sept. – May)
Sunday School is open to kids age 5-12 and a fun time is always in store. Adults are invited to stay in Church while the kids enjoy a time of learning and fellowship. Sunday School material will follow the material presented in Church, so you’ll know what your kids are learning while you enjoy the worship experience.

Lectionary Study Group
Every Monday at 6:30 PM
This weekly Bible Study class uses the lectionary as a starting place and we let the conversation drive us from there as we explore our faith in fun and challenging ways. This is not a closed group and you are free to join us anytime. But we don’t just grow through the study of the Bible. We also spend time each week building relationships with one another through the sharing of our stories, our joys, our frustrations, and our concerns. This is a great group for those that are looking for a true sense of community.